Frequently Asked Questions
What is? is a Paid-To-Click website, where users can earn money by visiting other websites or doing some simple tasks. We made this website to proof, that you can earn a good money only buy viewing ads. 

How Can I withdraw earned money?

You can withdraw your money using PayPal, Payza or Pefect Money. The minimum is $1.

How can I advertise?

You can buy ads by visiting Advertise page. You can choose there what type of advertisment you want and pay for them instantly by PayPal, Payza or Perfect Money.

Which ads won't be accepted?

We don't accept ads which: 

- breaking frames

- have adult content

- have pop-ups

or which provide:

- racism

- spamming

- forced downloads

More questions?

If you have any questions just visit Support Page or sent us an email to: We will reply in 24 hours.

We will update our FAQs if some questions will repeat very often.

How much views can I get for 1 credit?